special and military vehicles

Lodi provides a comprehensive procurement service for light military 4x4 vehicles, military trucks and a wide range of 4x4, van and truck based special vehicles. We guarantee value for money, service excellence and sustained after-sales support. The types of products Lodi can supply include:

Light Military Vehicles LIGHT 4X4 MILITARY VEHICLES
General service, tactical and special application light 4x4 military vehicles.
  Heavy Duty Military Vehicles MILITARY VEHICLES
General service and special application military trucks. New and used/ refurbished 2, 3 and 4 axle trucks from 7 tonnes to 40 tonnes GVW.
Special Vehicles Specialised Vehicles   BESPOKE SPECIAL VEHICLES
A range of off-the-shelf and bespoke special vehicles including; mobile workshops, ambulances, recovery vehicles, armour protected vehicles and fire intervention vehicles.

Lodi’s policy of supportability and sustainability applies to all our special and military vehicle sales. Additional support services include the supply of recommended spare parts kits with vehicles or in-market fleet management and service support through our own facilities or those of the franchise dealer.

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