About Lodi

about us

Lodi provide products, consultancy services and project management to organisations working in remote and development environments. Customers enjoy the benefits of leading technology, internationally acknowledged quality and the professional support and advice of highly qualified experts.

Lodi’s experience in providing automotive support and fleet management services in development environments is unparalleled. This combined with excellent resources, outstanding professionalism and flexibility ensures that each client’s needs are addressed, all objectives are achieved and operational effectiveness optimised.

Through listening to and understanding the needs of each client; by delivering bespoke sustainable solutions that are cost effective and beneficial; by delivering on promises and building relationships based on trust, Lodi Pledge
‘To provide solutions that will continuously improve fleet and equipment performance for every client’

Bill Warburton
Operations Director
Bill has extensive knowledge and experience in engineering and fleet business development. He spent many years living and working throughout Africa so has a complete understanding of the challenges facing remote and development environments.
Jens Terkelsen
Commercial Director
With a background in automotive exports, commercial and financial management, and extensive experience in the creation and management of both European and African automotive businesses, Jens brings a wealth of knowledge to each project.
Allan Oliver
Technical Director
Allan has worked extensively in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He is experienced in dealer development, both sales and after-sales and has in-depth knowledge of Fleet and Military logistics.
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